Research Vessel, Icebreaker ”Xuelong”

Publish Time: 2019-02-18

. The following are some details:

Overall length: 167 meters

Loaded displacement: 21205 tons

Max speed: 18 knots

Range: 20000 nautical miles

B1* level icebreaker, can break through 1.1m ice (including 20 centimeters snow) by 1.5 knots continuously;

Number of science staff amounts to 80

With dynamic, oceanographic and geological winches, SBE 911 plus CTD, surface seawater supply system etc., for oceanographic investigation

More than 500 square meters laboratory area, including dry/wet laboratory, and low temperature laboratory

Xuelong” is used to transport cargoes and personnel to/from Antarctic and Arctic, providing important logistic support for Chinese Antarctic and Arctic expedition. And act as a scientific platform for polar ocean investigation and research.


Since 1994, “Xuelong” has carried out 24 Antarctic scientific expedition voyages and 9 Arctic expedition voyages.