“Xuelong” R/V started sailing from the Chinese Great Wall Station in Antarctic

Publish Time:2019-02-18


Written by: Li Tieyuan

Afterbeing repaired and inspected in the waters near the Chinese Great Wall Station in Antarctica, the "Xuelong" icebreaker started sailing at 22:00 (Beijing time) on January 29th, 2019,continuing the mission of Antarctic Expedition and aiming to the ChineseZhongshan Station to take the summer expedition team back to China. It is expected to reach Shanghai in mid-March.


At 10:47 (Beijing time) on January 19th, the "Xuelong", which was carrying out the mission in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica, was affected by dense fog and the bow collided with the iceberg. After the collision, the "Xuelong" adjusted route and arrived at the waters near the Great Wall Station on the 24th, for the repair work. On the 26th, the senior surveyor of China Classification Society boarded the ship for on-site check, and issued the "Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate" on the 28th. At present, the "Xuelong" is sailing normally.