The Chinese 35th Antarctic Expedition successfully arrived at Ross Sea New Station

Publish Time:2019-02-18


Written by: Xu Ning, Li Tieyuan

The Chinese 35th Antarctic Expedition with “Xuelong” R/V arrivedat the new station in Ross Sea New Station on the Inexpressible Island at 3 am on January 6, 2019 (Beijing time) and started the transport ofpersonnel and materials fornew station, after a brief replenishment at Littleton Harbor, New Zealand.

The "Xueying 12" ship-borne helicopter took off and sent the new station operator to the station to restore functions to the vehicle, electric power and living facilities. At the same time, the "Xuelong" opened the cabin to transport the "Yellow River" boat, the "Yangtze River" barge, and the rubber assault boat into the water to start operations. The all-round "combat" of the sea, land and air had begun.