The Kunlun team of the Chinese Antarctic Expedition Team crossed the "Ghosts" ice-covered area

Publish Time:2019-02-18


Source: Chinese government network

On the last day of 2018, 16 members of the Kunlun team of the 35thChinese Antarctic Expedition team safely went through a densely Ice-covered area called the "Ghosts",Antarctic ice sheet highland area. At present, the team are in good physical and mental condition. Lu Cheng, deputy head of the Kunlun team, said that if everything goes well, they could arrive at Kunlun Station on January 4.


Kunlun Station is located in the Hail A area at the highest point of the Antarctic inland ice sheet. It is the only scientific research station established by humans in the Antarctic inland above 4000 meters altitude. It is more than 1200 kilometers away from Zhongshan Station.